Battletech Miniatures - Build a Clan Binary - MWO Style


Shipping to United States: $14.41

You get your choice of 10 mechs or Battle Armor points to make your own Battletech Clan Binary.
30mm hex bases are included.

Once you've purchase the item, just send me a message with your selection of mechs out the following list.
For variants, special requests or models not listed here, just message me and we can look into it together.

A word about scale and sizing:
- the normal scale for CBT is 1/285th (6mm)
- historically the Ral Partha and IWM metal minis, as well as the old Fasa of CGL ones have been all over the place
- CGL has now locked the scale to be 1/265th for the new minis released on KS

If I have the new plastic CGL mini:
- 1/265th version: the model is scaled to match size and proportion
- 1/285th version: the above model is scaled down to 92.9%

If I do not have the new plastic CGL mini:
- 1/285th version: volumetrically scaled at 1.1 g/ml, so 10t in the lore weighs precisely one gram of resin
- 1/265th version: the above model is scaled up to 107.5%

Allow for a week or so for your order to be processed and shipped.

Fire Moth (Dasher)
Myst Lynx (Koshi)
Kit Fox (Uller)
Adder (Puma)
Viper (Dragonfly)
Ice Ferret (Fenris)
Nova (Black Hawk)
Stormcrow (Ryoken)
Mad Dog (Vulture)
Hellbringer (Loki)
Summoner (Thor)
Timberwolf (Mad Cat)
Gargoyle (Man O' War)
Warhawk (Masakari)
Executioner (Gladiator)
Dire Wolf (Daishi)
Elemental x 5

Howler (Baboon)
Incubus (Vixen)
Conjurer (Hellhound)
Vapor Eagle (Goshawk)
Glass Spider (Galahad)
Black Python (Viper)
Stone Rhino (Behemoth) 1 Gauss Rifle
Stone Rhino (Behemoth) 2 Gauss Rifles
Locust IIC
Jenner IIC
Rifleman IIC
Phoenix Hawk IIC
Warhammer IIC
Marauder IIC

Arctic Cheetah (Hankyu)
Mongrel (Grendel)
Shadow Cat
Hunchback IIC
Huntsman (Nobori-nin)
Black Lanner
Crossbow (Clan)
Ebon Jaguar (Cauldron-Born)
Night Gyr

TRO 3060/3067/3075/3085+
Orion IIC
Highlander IIc
Arctic Wolf
Nova Cat
Blood Asp
Mad Cat Mk II
Sun Spider

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