Mercenary Units / Mercenaries Decals - 126x Multisizes Waterslide Decals for Battletech


Shipping to United States: $3.83

Waterslide decals to use with Battletech:

All units (except Black Widow Company): 126 decals per sheet
4 x 10mm
- 12 x 8mm
- 21 x 6mm
- 24 x 5mm
- 30 x 4mm
- 45 x 3mm

Black Widow Company: 90 decals per sheet
- 4 x 10mm
- 18 x 8mm
- 28 x 6mm
- 40 x 5mm

They are ready to use and do not need to be clear coated beforehand:
- Simply cut to size, dip in water (or Micro Set solution), put in position and leave to dry.
- Apply MicroSol solution to achieve a "painted on" look

Quality was fine, decals looked good. No issues with having the right product. Will buy again for any of my battletech decal needs

Great quality, exactly what I expected.

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