BattleTech/CityTech - Mapscale Nuseen Leopard Dropship HBS/MWO Style


Shipping to United States: $18.85

You are buying a 3D-Printed LEOPARD DROPSHIP
- Mapscale (1/944th) to play on BattleTech Hex Maps with 1.25’’ hexsize
- Printed in grey ecoPLA Resin. Like all 3D printed miniatures, some clean-up or light sanding may be required
- Made of 1 piece : 70mm long

See picture(s) for details.

The miniature and buildings on the pictures are for scale only and not included in this lot.

The print was serviceable but not great. Jagged straight parts, the ailerons were chipped, print lines severe enough to be seen through paint. It's usable, but was surprising from a shop from which I'd already bought very high quality mech prints.

Sehr schöne Drucke, fast keine Säuberung nötig. Sehr gut an der Produktbeschreibung, genau das was ich erhoft habe.

this is OK a good 3d print for a fair price kind of

Very nice detail! I recommend this print!

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