Battletech Miniatures - Museum Scale Mechs MWO Style - 3D Printed on Demand


Shipping to United States: $19.21

The miniatures are 3D-Printed using Grey model resin: - The minis are unprimed and unpainted - Like any 3D print they may be subject to minor imperfections (small support structures). You may have to do some light filing and sanding before priming- All the supports have been placed manually (no auto support !!!) to maximise the quality of the prints.

A word about scale and sizing:
- the normal scale for CBT is 1/285th (6mm)
- historically the Ral Partha and IWM metal minis, as well as the old Fasa of CGL ones have been all over the place
- CGL has now locked the scale to be 1/265th for the new minis released on KS

If I have the new plastic CGL mini:
- 1/265th version: the model is scaled to match size and proportion
- 1/285th version: the above model is scaled down to 92.9%

If I do not have the new plastic CGL mini:
- 1/285th version: volumetrically scaled at 1.1 g/ml, so 10t in the lore weighs precisely one gram of resin
- 1/265th version: the above model is scaled up to 107.5%

Allow for a week or so for your order to be processed and shipped.
Any question or special requests, just message me.

I have more models that could be produced and that are not yet listed.
Don't be shy and ask if you are after specific mechs

Amazing quality model, well worth the money IMO

Very high quality and excellently detailed. At this point I just need one more to make a Lance and the hard part is figuring out which one to get.

Very high quality with excellent detailing and perfectly sized. These models are amazing

I ordered the Locust model to see how it matched up for scale with other 15mm war games. I’m very pleased to say it matches well with flames of war and team yankee, not just in size but also in detail of the model. Defiance industries has done an outstanding job with these models and have not just matched, but exceeded my expectations in every way. I will definitely be purchasing more of the 1/100 scale models in the future.

Again another exciting and glorious example of a museum scale 3D print, loving it!

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