BattleTech - 12x Hex Bases Numbered 01-12


Shipping to United States: $9.47

12 Hex Bases numbered 01-12
Enough to cover a full company.

Standard inserts will fit minis with nominal 30mm hex
Wide inserts should fit all CGL minis, but may not always provide a tight fit.

A note about fitting the CGL plastic minis
The dimensions of plastic bases shipped with the new CGL minis (AGOAC, KS, Lance Packs...) are NOT constant.
They vary from 29.90mm to over 30.65mm (see the picture with the precession calliper)

Therefore, two versions of our bases are available:
- Standard 30mm insert
- Wide 30.5 insert with a centre hole.

The wide bases will fit all CGL minis, some might be tight but they will fit and the hole will allow you to push them out from below.
However, the smaller-base CGL minis will be loose and you will need to put a bit of blutack inside the insert to keep the numbered hex and the mini together.

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