BattleBlox Modular Terrain System - Starter Pack


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Battle Blox Modular Terrain System
Take your tabletop wargames to the third dimension without limits !

Exclusive to Defiance Industries, a revolutionary modular terrain system for hex map-based wargames.

The BattleBlox system works like popular Danish construction sets but for hexagonal shapes:
- unlike other systems, BattleBlox matches exactly the dimensions of standard BT mapsets (32.6mm hexagons and 25mm per height-level)
- fully compatible with FASA/FanPro/CGL cardboard or paper mapsheets as well as the new CGL neoprene battle mats
- additionally, standard base plates can be used fro create a blank map. Six base plates are required to build a complete mapsheet.
- hexagonal bricks come in multiple sizes (1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 7-X-shaped etc ....) to build any hill or terrain feature you'd like.
- tiles of different sizes (1x1, 1x2, 1x3 etc .... ) are used to finish your battleground with the all possible terrain types (open, light woods, heavy woods, rough, rubbles, water, roads ....)
- all pieces are firmly interlocking with each other whilst remaining easy to disassemble
- all our mapscale buildings will also be made fully compatible with the BattleBlox system

Content of the starter pack

Base plates - Covers a 15x18 mapsheet
6x Base Plates
10x Rulers for hex coordinates
4x Map Corners
30x Base Plate Dovetail Connectors

All plates and plate components are made of grey plastic

Hill Bricks - Enough to build a standard BT mapsheet terrain features
1x 07X Brick (7 hexes)
1x 03X Brick (3 hexes)
1x 03C Brick (3 hexes)
1x 04Y Brick (4 hexes)
1x 04C Brick (4 hexes)
8x 01I Bricks (1 hex)
4x 02I Bricks (2 hexes)
3x 03I Bricks (3 hexes)

All bricks components are made of grey plastic

Terrain Tiles - More than enough to build a standard BT mapsheet
115x L1F Tiles (1 hex smooth - grey)
40x L2F Tiles (2 hexes smooth - grey)
15x L3F (3 hexes smooths - grey)
23x LW Tiles (1 hex light woods - light green)
5x HW Tiles (1 hex heavy wood - dark green)
8x WT1 Tiles (1 hex water depth 1 - blue)
3 x WT2 Tiles (1 hex water depth 2 - blue)
4x RGH Tiles (1 hex rough - grey)

This starter set weighs close to two kilograms !!!

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beautiful set perfect for a start of a map and terrain

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