Hills for Grassland A Battlemat - 3D Printed Terrain & Hills compatible with BT/American Mecha


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This is a 3D-printed set of hills for playing on the Grassland A battlemat:
- Each hex is exactly 32.6mm
- Each level of altitude is 25mm high
- Light and Heavy Woods are marked on the hill with a reservation for 8mmx2mm round neodymium magnets (not included)
- See also our other listings for wood tiles with reservations for model trees
- Printed in grey PLA

The set includes 17 elements:
- 6x Blocks making up the Forward Base Platform
- 2x Bridges
- 7x 1-Part Hills
- 1x 2-Part Hill

Available with or without markings.

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Fenomelas para partidas de Battletech

Adds a great element to the table top version of the game. The pieces are reasonably sturdy and fit the maps perfectly. Definitely recommend.

The hills are great, since you can order them with the trees marked on them. The bottoms are marked so you know which Battletech map they go to.

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