Black Star Miniature - Warlock 1A | Compatible with BT/American Mecha and other tabletop games


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"Warlock -1A" by Polygon MasterWorks for their new game system "Black Star"

Compatible with other tabletop 6mm mecha wargames including BT

Warlock LOK-1A
Base Tech Level: Experimental (IS)
Level Era
Experimental 3150+
Advanced -
Standard -
Tech Rating: E/X-X-X-X

Weight: 55 tons
BV: 1,429
Cost: 8,359,873 C-bills

Movement: 4/6/6
Engine: 220 Fusion
Double Heat Sinks: 10 [12]
Gyro: Compact Gyro

Internal: 91 (Endo-Steel)
Armor: 184/185

Internal Armor
Head 3 9
Center Torso 18 27
Center Torso (rear) 8
Right Torso 13 20
Right Torso (rear) 6
Left Torso 13 20
Left Torso (rear) 6
Right Arm 9 18
Left Arm 9 18
Right Leg 13 26
Left Leg 13 26

Weapons Loc Heat
Light PPC LA 5
Light PPC RA 5
Medium Laser LT 3
Medium Laser RT 3
MML 7 CT 4

Ammo Loc Shots
MML 7 LRM Ammo RT 17
MML 7 SRM Tandem-Charge Ammo RT 7

Equipment Loc
PPC Capacitor LA
PPC Capacitor RA

Please keep in mind that I pack these miniatures as meticulously as I can and securely as possible. If there is an issue where an arm or a leg snap off it is usually easy enough to sand/glue it back on without an issue. Normally I will not send out a replacement unless that mech is completely demolished making it unfix-able. If that is the case, please send a pic and I will get a replacement out as soon as possible.
I will accept all returns, no questions asked, the buyer pays for tracked return postage.

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