Harpagos - SirMortimerBombito Sculpt | Compatible with BT/American Mecha and other tabletop games


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"Harpag" sculpt (Multi-part) by SirMortimerBombito.
It includes the torso+guns and both legs for the Mech mode and tracks for the Vehicle mode.

The miniatures are 3D-Printed using Grey model resin:
- The minis are unprimed and unpainted.
- Bases are not included with the minis and are sold separately.
- Like any 3D print they may be subject to minor imperfections (small support structures). You may have to do some light filing and sanding before priming.
- All the supports have been placed manually (no auto support !!!) to maximise the quality of the prints.

Reviews (3)


Beautiful miniatures and very clean

I think the model is very solid. However it is tremendously overpriced. You will recieve one turret and two bases, giving you a single functional model, even though the price is double a standard model. Previously the description indicated you would recieve parts for both tank and Mech configuration. When I only recieved one turret I contacted the seller. They apologized for a confusing description, changed the description on the item to reflect their actual packing, but would not send out another turret unless I placed another order.

Great sculpt. You get 1 torso and a set of legs for both vehicle mode and mech mode. I recommend getting it in the bigger scale.

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