BattleTech/CityTech - Hostile Environment - 18x Mapscale Buildings (Full Set)


Shipping to United States: $22.68

Mapscale 3D Printed Scenery for Table Top Battletech:
- Designed to match the original Citytech counters
- Printed in grey PLA
- Scale is set to match 1.25' hexmaps in the horizontal plan (1/944th) and mech scale in the vertical axis (1/285th)

The full set is made of 18 different buildings:
1 x L1 building #1 (geodome)
1 x L1 building #2 (habitation block)
1 x L2 building (radar dome)
1 x L3 building #1 (1-hex high-rise habitation block)
1 x L3 building #2 (2-hex wind turbine)
1 x L4 building (comms tower)
1 x M1 building (barracks)
1 x M2 building (administrative centre)
1 x M3 building (2-hex medium factory)
1 x M4 building (uplink station)
1 x H1 building #1 (vehicle hangar)
1 x H1 building #2 (2-hex vehicle repair bay)
1 x H2 building #1 (power plant)
1 x H2 building #2 (atmosphere scrubber tower)
1 x H3 building (2-hex refinery complex)
1 x HD1 building #1 (pillbox)
1 x HD1 building #2 (bunker)
1 x HD2 building (2-hex command centre)

Due to printing time, please allow for up to a week for dispatch, depending on the number of buildings you order.

Note: If you are interested in other scales (1.5' hex, 2' hex, 6mm, 1/144th etc .... ) please message me and we can look into it together.

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The item was essentially perfect for my needs. If you are an expert painter you may need to sand down little bits off, but nothing that will take you more than five minutes to do.

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