BattleTech - Mechscale Union Dropship - HUGE MODEL !


Shipping to United States: $56.49

You are buying a 3D-Printed UNION DROPSHIP
This is an original design not available anywhere else!

- Mechscale 32cm (13 inches) tall and and 29cm (12 inches) in diameter (39cm - 16 inches - if you include the Landing Gear).
- Once Assembled, you can use it as a Magic Pumpkin to Access the insides
- You can fit 12 CGL-scale or 6mm-Scale minis inside.
- Printed in grey PLA filament and Resin. Like all largish 3D printed models, some clean-up and sanding will be required
- It is designed to be magnetised using 8mmx3mm Neodymium magnets
- Made of 50+ pieces and requires assembly :

- 1x Bottom plate
- 4x Lower Hull sections
- 4x Upper Hull sections
- 1x Nose section
- 4x Mech Doors
- 4x Hatch Doors
- 8x Booster Exhausts
- 4x Landing Gears
- 3x Front Turret (magnetised)
- 1x Aft Turret (magnetised)

- 1x Engine Core
- 1x Upper Deck Plate
- 4x Mech Cubicles
- 4x Mech Lifts
- 9x Pegs and connectors

See picture(s) for details.
The miniatures on the pictures is for scale only and not included in this lot.

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