BattleTech - Mechscale Union Dropship - HUGE MODEL !


Shipping to United States: $77.46

You are buying a 3D-Printed UNION DROPSHIP
This is an original design not available anywhere else!

- Mechscale 32cm (13 inches) tall and and 29cm (12 inches) in diameter (39cm - 16 inches - if you include the Landing Gear).
- Once Assembled, you can use it as a Magic Pumpkin to access the insides
- You can fit 12 CGL-scale or 6mm-scale minis inside.
- Printed in grey PLA filament and resin. Like all largish 3D printed models, some clean-up and sanding may be required
- It is designed to be magnetised using 8mmx3mm Neodymium magnets
- Made of 50+ pieces and requires assembly :

- 1x Bottom plate
- 4x Lower Hull sections
- 4x Upper Hull sections
- 1x Nose section
- 4x Mech Doors
- 4x Hatch Doors
- 8x Booster Exhausts
- 4x Landing Gears
- 3x Front Turret (magnetised)
- 1x Aft Turret (magnetised)

- 1x Engine Core
- 1x Upper Deck Plate
- 4x Mech Cubicles
- 4x Mech Lifts
- 9x Pegs and Connectors

See picture(s) for details.
The miniatures on the pictures are for scale only and are not included in this lot.

Reviews (2)


This thing has literally caused jaws to drop at our club… amazing model.

It is every bit as fun and spectacular as you might imagine. It's the centerpiece of any display. It brings smiles to Mechwarriors' faces when they first see it. Let me introduce you. This is the Amaterasu, a long and storied history she has! (This is the display, the landing pad and `Mechs are not included.)

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