Build your Tanks/Conventional Vehicles Company (12x Miniatures) | Compatible with BT/American Mecha and other tabletop games


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You get your choice of 12 vehicles to make your own BT Company:
- Most models come in a single part, some are multiparty requiring assembly.
- No hex bases are included.
- Allow for a week or so for your order to be processed and shipped.
- Any question or special requests, just message us.
- Once you've purchase the item, send us a message with your selection of vehicles out the following list.

SwiftWind Scout Car
Rommel Tank
Patton Tank
Von Luckner Heavy Tank
Galleon Light Tank GAL-100
Packrat Long Range Patrol Vehicle
Mobile Long Tom Artillery
Boomerang Observation Plane
Mobile HQ
Coolant Truck
Ferret Light Scout VTOL
Savannah Master Hovercraft
Skulker Wheeled Scout Tank
Warrior H-7 Attack Helicopter
Harasser Missile Platform
J. Edgar Light Hover Tank
Scorpion Light Tank
Karnov UR Transport
Hunter Light Support Tank
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank
Saladin Assault Hover Tank
Saracen Medium Hover Tank
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank
Striker Light Tank
Hetzer Wheeled Assault Gun
Goblin Medium Tank
Condor Heavy Hover Tank
Drillson Heavy Hover Tank
Maxim Heavy Hover Tank
Vedette Medium Tank
LRM Carrier
SRM Carrier
Demolisher Heavy Tank
Partisan Heavy Tank
Schrek PPC Carrier
SturmFeur Heavy Tank
Ontos Heavy Tank
Behemoth Heavy Tank

TRO 2750
Gabriel Hover
Ripper VTOL
Beagle Tank
Nightshade VTOL
Cyrano VTOL
Lightning Combat Vehicle
Thor Combat Vehicle

TRO 3058
Sprint Scout Helicopter
Centipede Scout Car
Cavalry Attack Helicopter
Badger Tracked Transport
Peregrine Attack VTOL
Yellow Jacket Gunship
Regulator Hover Tank
Bandit Hovercraft
Po Heavy Tank
Tokugawa Heavy Tank
Typhoon Urban Assault Vehicle
Padilla Heavy Artillery Tank
Zhukov Heavy Tank
Alacorn Mk VI Heavy Tank

TRO 3060
Light SRM Carrier
Heavy LRM Carrier
Demolisher II

TRO 3067
Stygian Strike Tank
Musketeer Hover Tank
Morningstar City Command Vehicle
Fortune Wheeled Assault Vehicle
Glory Heavy Fire Support Vehicle
Hephaestus Scout Tank
Tyr Infantry Support Tank
Enyo Strike Tank
Morrígú Fire Support Vehicle

TRO 3075
MIT 23 MASH Vehicle
Tamerlane Strike Sled
Saxon APC
Danai Support Vehicle
Condor Hover Tank (Upgrade)
JES I Tactical Missile Carrier
Thumper Artillery Vehicle
DI Morgan Assault Tank
JI-40 "Jifty" Transportable Field Repair Unit
SM1 Tank Destroyer
Cobra Transport VTOL
Merkava Mk. VIII Heavy Tank
Marsden II Main Battle Tank

TRO 3085
Pandion Combat WiGE
Yasha VTOL
Demon Medium Tank
Padilla Tube Artillery Tank
Bolla Stealth Tank
Po II Heavy Tank
Kinnol Main Battle Tank
Moltke Main Battle Tank
Gürteltier Main Battle Tank
Tonbo Superheavy Transport
Balac Strike VTOL
Zephyros Infantry Support Vehicle
Carnivore Assault Tank

TRO 3150
Nacon Armored Scout
Anat APC.
Red Kite Attack VTOL
Strix Stealth VTOL
Skanda Light Tank
Predator Tank Destroyer
Hadur Fast Support Vehicle
Partisan AA Vehicle
Schildkröte Line Tank
Sekhmet Assault Vehicle
Zahn Heavy Transport
SM2 Heavy Artillery Vehicle
Testudo Siege Tank
Arrow IV Assault Vehicle
Gurzil Support Tank
Sniper Artillery (Vehicle)
Kelswa Assault Tank.
Gulltoppr OmniMonitor (Prime) [Counts as 2 units]
Gulltoppr OmniMonitor (Alt Config A) [Counts as 2 units]
Destrier Siege Vehicle (Front) [Counts as 2 units]
Destrier Siege Vehicle (Ballista Artillery Trailer)
Bishop Transport VTOL
Hanse MBT

Please keep in mind that I pack these miniatures as meticulously as I can and securely as possible. If there is an issue where an arm or a leg snap off it is usually easy enough to sand/glue it back on without an issue. Normally I will not send out a replacement unless that mech is completely demolished making it unfix-able. If that is the case, please send a pic and I will get a replacement out as soon as possible.
I will accept all returns, no questions asked, the buyer pays for tracked return postage.

High quality models very impressive

Loved the vehicles! Always very happy with everything you do.

Well packed and item as described.A+

Good communication and quality. The items arrived at the start of the arrival window discussed.

Very good quality product and very reliable Provider.

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