Battletech Miniatures - Daimyo HQ - SirMortimerBombito Sculpt


Shipping to United States: $23.13

"DAYYMIOONHQ" sculpt by SirMortimerBombito

The miniatures are 3D-Printed using Grey model resin:
- The minis are unprimed and unpainted.
- Like any 3D print they may be subject to minor imperfections (small support structures). You may have to do some light filing and sanding before priming.
- All the supports have been placed manually (no auto support !!!) to maximise the quality of the prints.

Allow for a week or so for your order to be processed and shipped.
Any question or special requests, just message me.

Please keep in mind that I pack these miniatures as meticulously as I can and securely as possible. If there is an issue where an arm or a leg snap off it is usually easy enough to sand/glue it back on without an issue. Normally I will not send out a replacement unless that mech is completely demolished making it unfix-able. If that is the case, please send a pic and I will get a replacement out as soon as possible.
I will accept all returns, no questions asked, the buyer pays for tracked return postage.

Reviews (2)


Excellent print quality and speedy shipping

Nice sculpt of the Mobile Command Center!! Fast safe delivery here!! But I do find it strange that for some reason certain miniatures I order that are 3D printed seem to be small then the metal versions I have from Iron Wind Metals. When I find the time to paint these miniatures from this order I will put them side by side so people can see the difference in size. The only problem will be if I will be able to add the pictures at a later date to my reviews is all. Besides that I love the miniatures from this line a nice take on various Battletech Mechs & vehicles!

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