Battletech Miniatures - Mystery Box - Lance (4 mechs) - Any Faction, Any Era - Based on Random Assignment Tables


Shipping to United States: $23.09

Unit Size = Single Lance (4 mechs)

Each boxset contains:
- 3D-Printed battlemechs, the number is based on the selected Unit Size
- The corresponding number of 30mm hex bases
- Waterslide decals for the selected faction
- A selection of models matching the selected faction and era (rolled on the corresponding Random Assignment Table)

The models are scaled to match Catalyst Game Labs new plastic miniatures (1:265)

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Do you miss the concept of Salvage Boxes? How about all the options you can think of in a randomized box INCLUDING decals?

Great quality, fast delivery, helpful seller, would buy again.

Super fast delivery, helpful seller, great quality, 10/10

Gute Qualität und schnelle Lieferung

A spicy selection of mechs. I would not have known to pick the specific Catapult variant but I'm loving it already. Great way to get into Battletech without having to read the specs of a gorillion 'mechs.

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