BattleTech/CityTech - Mapscale Union Dropship


Shipping to United States: $18.85

You are buying a 3D-Printed UNION DROPSHIP
- Mapscale to play on BattleTech Hex Maps with 1.25’’ hexsize
- Printed in grey PLA filament and ecoPLA Resin. Like all 3D printed miniatures, some clean-up or light sanding may be required
- Made of 5 pieces : Hull (86mm diameter, 83 height), 4 landing gear assemblies

See picture(s) for details.

The Phoenix Hawk and buildings on the pictures are for scale only and not included in this lot.


- If you are interested in other scales (1.5' hex, 2' hex, 6mm, 1/144th etc .... ) please message me and we can look into it together.

Landing struts didn't quite fit into the holes, but other than that a good piece.

Outstanding 3d print I am 1 million % happy with this, now to find some clan ships. Tank-U xD

this package was lost in the mail, but that was not the sellers fault! They worked quickly and professionally with me to get the issue resolved. <3

Happy with results. Be careful with the legs though, one leg lost it's plate while handling. Glue and ingenuity will help

Great miniature but I did not realize it is not to scale with the new plastic mechs from Catalyst. It is scaled to the map…I figured out what “map scale” is. But, the figure is really well made.

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