Modular Heavy Turrets - Mapscale Buildings compatible with BT/American Mecha and other tabletop games


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You are buying a 3D-Printed:

- Heavy Turret, choose between 4 versions:
- Shredder Turret (1x AC/20 + 2x SRM6 + 4x Flamers)
- Sniper Turret (2x PPC, 4x AC/2, 2x MG)
- LRM Turret (2x LRM15 + 2x LRM10 + 2x ML)
- Laser Turret (2x LL, 4x ML, 2x MG)

- This is an original creation: Level 1, 1-Hex building
- Mapscale to play on BT Hex Maps with 1.25’’ hexsize
- Each Turret is made of 4 pieces: Hex base, Turret Base, Standard Turret with no weapons, Weapon set
- Bases and turret printed in grey PLA filament on an FDM machine. Weapons printed in eco-friendly Resin on a SLA machine.

Like all 3D printed miniatures, some clean-up, filing or light sanding may be required
See picture(s) for details.
Due to printing time, please allow for up to a week for dispatch, depending on the number of buildings you order.

Note: If you are interested in other scales (1.5' hex, 2' hex, 1/144th etc .... ) please message me and we can look into it together.

Très bel objet. Envoyé dans les délais. Merci je recommande.

Pretty decent quality print. Lots of clean up on one of the four. Minor clean up on the other three. My only complaint: What’s the point of having a modular turret when you don’t get the modules? It would be a much greater value if you received all of the guns for each of the four configurations. Then, you’d be able to swap them out when you want for the different turret types.

Love that they rotate, great quality, can’t wait to paint!!

Love that they rotate, great quality, can’t wait to paint!!

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