BattleTech/CityTech - Mapscale Overlord Dropship


Shipping to United States: $26.43

You are buying a 3D-Printed OVERLORD DROPSHIP

- Mapscale to play on BattleTech Hex Maps with 1.25’’ hexsize

- Printed in grey PLA filament and ecoPLA Resin. Like all 3D printed miniatures, some clean-up or light sanding may be required

- Made of 7 pieces : Hull (104mm diameter, 140 height), 6 landing gear assemblies with doors

See picture(s) for details.

The miniature and buildings on the pictures are for scale only and not included in this lot.

Notes: If you are interested in other scales (1.5' hex, 2' hex, 6mm, 1/144th etc .... ) please message me and we can look into it together.

Wieder ein tolles Modell in guter Qualität und es entspricht den Fotos.Wird bei mir für EPIC benutzt.

Gorgeous centerpiece with easy assembly

another 1 million ship, looking for a fleet of ships for Battle tech, the drop ships i have are great for my sphere Reg. now i need to find a fleet for my exiled clan. keep up the outstanding work you do xD

The Overlord is beautifully detailed and solid. The landing gear while plastic look like they'll hold up to anything an I or the other gamers would do with it. Though I'd keep the kids away from it. I'm looking forward to painting this and adding it to our game play. The only criticism I have is that the male prongs on the landing gear were to large to fit into the female receptors on the Overlord sphere. I had to take my dremel to each landing gear and reduce their size. Good news it only took 4-5 minutes total. If you don't have a dremel, a drill bit to the female receptacles would also work.

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