Generic Markers Waterslide Decals for Battletech


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Waterslide decals to use with Battletech:

Numbers & Markers
- 72x Black Numbers 01-12
- 72x Green Numbers 01-12
- 72x Yellow Numbers 01-12
- 72x Red Numbers 01-12
- 48x Warning Triangles
- 44x Mech Kill Markers

Stripes & Checkers
- 20x 5x5mm Black and Yellow Stripes
- 6x 5x15mm Black and Yellow Stripes
- 8x 5x10mm Black and Yellow Stripes
- 4x 20x20mm Black and Yellow Checkers
- 4x 20x20mm Black and Red Checkers
- 4x 20x20mm Black and Blue Checkers
- 10x Radiation Hazard
- 12x Danger Warning
- 12x High Energy Laser Warning

Card Suites
- 16x 10mm roundels (4 of each Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds and Spades)
- 72x 5mm roundels (18 of each Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds and Spades)

Lady Luck Pinup
- 12x 10mm roundels
- 24x 8mm roundels
- 24x 6mm roundels

How to get the best of our waterslide decals

The optimal preparation of the mini depends on the type of decals you have purchased from us:
- Standard decals on clear paper/substrate:
if applied on a dark surface or if you want to make sure it “pops”, first apply a coat of white paint where the decal is meant to go on the mini (we recommend using a white acrylic pen)

- Standard decals on white paper/substrate :
no need to apply a white undercoat on the mini as the decals are fully opaque. You need to cut them very precisely, however.

- Premium decals with white ink underlayer:
they can be applied to any paint scheme, even dark ones, without a white undercoat on the mini. They can also be cut loosely around the shape as the substrate is clear.

- Cut it from the sheet
- Soak it in water until you can slide it from the backing paper with your finger but not so much as it detaches by itself from the paper; if you leave it in water for too long the starch substrate dissolves too much and the decal loses its integrity
- Transfer the decal from your finger onto the mini
- Use a cotton bud (or QTip) to adjust the decal precisely in position and remove the excess water
- Once the water is mostly evaporated but the decal is still moist, dab it carefully (and orthogonally) with a QTip soaked in Microsol solution to "melt" the decal in place
- Let it dry
- Optionally (if you have applied a white undercoat), touch up the paint job around the decal
- Finally, spray a clear coat of varnish

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