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This is the opportunity to adorn your mechs with unique, custom-made decals.
If your order this item, you will need to provide us with hi-res (at least 500x500 pixels) images.

120+ Waterslide decals with transparent backing to use with Battletech:
- 4 x 10mm
- 12 x 8mm
- 21 x 6mm
- 24 x 5mm
- 30x 4mm
- 45x 3mm

Three backing options are available
Printed on clear paper without white ink (default):
- the decals can but cut loosely around the shape
- the decals are slightly see-through the decals
- the decals are better applied on a patch of white or light grey paint

Printed on white paper
- the decals ceed to be cut carefully and is best for images with straight edges (such as flags)
- the decals are opaque
- the decals can be applied on any paint scheme with loss of contrast

Printed on clear paper with white ink (premium):
- the decals can but cut loosely around the shape
- the decals are opaque (a coat of white ink is applied underneath the other colours)
- the decals can be applied on any paint scheme with loss of contrast

How to get the best out of our waterslide decals

The optimal preparation of the mini depends on the type of decals you have purchased from us:
- Standard decals on clear paper/substrate:
if applied on a dark surface or if you want to make sure it “pops”, first apply a coat of white paint where the decal is meant to go on the mini (we recommend using a white acrylic pen)

- Standard decals on white paper/substrate :
no need to apply a white undercoat on the mini as the decals are fully opaque. You need to cut them very precisely, however.

- Premium decals with white ink underlayer:
they can be applied to any paint scheme, even dark ones, without a white undercoat on the mini. They can also be cut loosely around the shape as the substrate is clear.

- Cut it from the sheet
- Soak it in water until you can slide it from the backing paper with your finger but not so much as it detaches by itself from the paper; if you leave it in water for too long the starch substrate dissolves too much and the decal loses its integrity
- Transfer the decal from your finger onto the mini
- Use a cotton bud (or QTip) to adjust the decal precisely in position and remove the excess water
- Once the water is mostly evaporated but the decal is still moist, dab it carefully (and orthogonally) with a QTip soaked in Microsol solution to "melt" the decal in place
- Let it dry
- Optionally (if you have applied a white undercoat), touch up the paint job around the decal
- Finally, spray a clear coat of varnish

I was worried that I'd made the design too complicated, but it arrived and it's beautiful! Just what I wanted for my custom unit!

Great job on the product. The decals looked great. Would highly recommend.

It was coming from France, so it takes a while, but it is well worth it to get these custom decals. They were perfect for my Space Marines. Already put them on, they look great.

Good stuff these water decals

Excellent service and Fast shipping.

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