BattleTech/CityTech - Mapscale Buildings - 4x Modular Heavy Turrets - Full Set


Shipping to United States: $19.87

You are buying a 3D-Printed:

- 4 Heavy Turrets with the complete set of weapons
- Each turret can kitted as:
- Shredder Turret (1x AC/20 + 2x SRM6 + 4x Flamers)
- Sniper Turret (2x PPC, 4x AC/2, 2x MG)
- LRM Turret (2x LRM15 + 2x LRM10 + 2x ML)
- Laser Turret (2x LL, 4x ML, 2x MG)

- This is an original creation: Level 1, 1-Hex building
- Mapscale to play on BattleTech Hex Maps with 1.25’’ hexsize
- Each Turret is made of 7 pieces: Hex base, Turret Base, Standard Turret with no weapons, four weapon set
- Bases and turret printed in grey PLA filament on an FDM machine. Weapons printed in eco-friendly Resin on a SLA machine.

Like all 3D printed miniatures, some clean-up, filing or light sanding may be required
See picture(s) for details.
Due to printing time, please allow for up to a week for dispatch, depending on the number of buildings you order.

Note: If you are interested in other scales (1.5' hex, 2' hex, 1/144th etc .... ) please message me and we can look into it together.

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