Battletech Miniatures - The Black Widow Company - 12x Mechs + Bases + Decals


Shipping to United States: $14.12

Natasha Kerensky's Black Widows are back piloting new MWO-inspired 3D sculpts.

This lot contains 12 miniatures, hex-bases and decals:
- Warhammer
- Marauder
- Crusader
- Griffin
- Archer x 2
- Wasp
- Stinger x 3
- Rifleman
- Phoenix Hawk
- 30mm MDF hex-bases x 12
- Special waterslide decal sheet (115 decals)

The miniatures are 3D-Printed using Grey model resin:
- The minis are unprimed and unpainted
- Like any 3D print they may be subject to minor imperfections (small support structures). You may have to do some light filing and sanding before priming
- All the supports have been placed manually (no auto support !!!) to maximise the quality of the prints.

A word about scale and sizing:
- the normal scale for CBT is 1/285th (6mm)
- historically the Ral Partha and IWM metal minis, as well as the old Fasa of CGL ones have been all over the place
- CGL has now locked the scale to be 1/265th for the new minis released on KS

If I have the new plastic CGL mini:
- 1/265th version: the model is scaled to match size and proportion
- 1/285th version: the above model is scaled down to 92.9%

If I do not have the new plastic CGL mini:
- 1/285th version: volumetrically scaled at 1.1 g/ml, so 10t in the lore weighs precisely one gram of resin
- 1/265th version: the above model is scaled up to 107.5%

Allow for a week or so for your order to be processed and shipped.
Any question or special requests, just message me.

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