Battletech Miniatures - Mystery Box - Single Mech - Any Faction, Any Era - Based on Random Assignment Tables


Shipping to United States: $22.59

Unit Size = Single Mech

Each boxset contains:
- 3D-Printed battlemechs, the number is based on the selected Unit Size
- The corresponding number of 30mm hex bases
- Waterslide decals for the selected faction
- A selection of models matching the selected faction and era (rolled on the corresponding Random Assignment Table)

The models are scaled to match Catalyst Game Labs new plastic miniatures (1:265)

Reviews (9)


Bonne commande reçu rapidement. Merci

Excellent minis. These all look amazing. I'm excited to get back to playing tabletop with these!

Great mechs, ready for painting. Happy to see Battle Tech lives on in the creator community.

Exactly as I had hoped it would be, and not one shred of hope less. These things are exactly what I was looking for, and now they have given me the confidence to go back and order more from the same seller - and that's a rarity with me.

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