Broken Meks and Vehicles Lot from the Scrap Heap - Limited Stock | Compatible with BT/American Mecha and other tabletop games


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These are in fact salvaged mis 3D-printed miniatures in resin.
The parts are perfect for scenery, kit bashing or even represent destroyed mechs on the battlefield

You will receive a lot of randomly selected broken mechs, limbs, tanks, VTOLs, Aerospace units and various parts for a total weight of 50g-60g (not the full heap !)

Just as advertised. A bunch of cast-off parts that are great for kitbashing or spicing up the terrain. I love it.

A short quantative review. I purchased four (4) lots of these misprints, out of which I have been able to reconstruct what follows. Minimal / little effort, meaning some leg and arm swaps with no external parts: Penetrator, Warhammer, Catapult, Nyx. Some effort, needing greentuff/putty, external bits and mutliple limb repair: 3x Emperor, 2x Scorpions. Extreme salvage, using chopped up spare parts and partial pieces with reconstruction on every limb: 2x FrankenMechs of my own design (one pictured), Stalker, another Warhammer. I enjoyed it A LOT, and will consider doing this again.

This was a pile of junk as described. Lol. Really good stuff to help with battle damage scenery. Possibly even can get a whole mech out of it. Plus a few items to repair some mechanical I already have.

So soll es sein! Gute Ware.

Not as many models as expected.

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