Battletech Miniatures - Broken Mechs and Vehicles Lot from the Scrap Heap - Limited Stock


Shipping to United States: $19.21

These are in fact salvaged mis 3D-printed miniatures in resin.
The parts are perfect for scenery, kit bashing or even represent destroyed mechs on the battlefield

You will receive a lot of randomly selected broken mechs, limbs, tanks, VTOLs, Aerospace units and various parts for a total weight of 50g-60g (not the full heap !)

Exactly as described, well packaged and delivered quickly.

Great value. I ordered 2 of them at the same time. I got a lot of bits for customization, and ended up with 2 full tanks and nearly a dozen mostly intact mechs. Even as misprints, the quality is excellent.

Fun stuff, some of it pretty useful too.

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