Battletech Miniatures - Broken Mechs and Vehicles Lot from the Scrap Heap - Limited Stock


Shipping to United States: $18.85

These are in fact salvaged mis 3D-printed miniatures in resin.
The parts are perfect for scenery, kit bashing or even represent destroyed mechs on the battlefield

You will receive a lot of randomly selected broken mechs, limbs, tanks, VTOLs, Aerospace units and various parts for a total weight of 50g-60g (not the full heap !)

Very clever way to get rid of miscasts! I got at least three more mechs out of this and some cool battle rubble!

This is the only product from this shop that I am dissatisfied with. For the price, I was expecting more useful bits vs. junk. If this was half the price, it would be a good deal.

So much more than I expected. Plenty of kitbashing options as well as workable models

It's more then I could have hoped for, they're great prints. I'm getting a group together to play an RPG and their starting mechs are all Scrap built. and I know they're going to love this

It shipped so much quicker than I thought, Especially since I'm overseas in America, the misprints were... well... misprints, which was exactly what I was wanting two of the prints were nearly perfect, just a little tlc and they were ready. And the ones that were really damaged I found ways to get creative with as the image shows, I will be getting these again next time I want some projects.

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