Battletech Miniatures - Broken Mechs and Vehicles Lot from the Scrap Heap - Limited Stock


Shipping to United States: $19.87

These are in fact salvaged mis 3D-printed miniatures in resin.
The parts are perfect for scenery, kit bashing or even represent destroyed mechs on the battlefield

You will receive a lot of randomly selected broken mechs, limbs, tanks, VTOLs, Aerospace units and various parts for a total weight of 50g-60g (not the full heap !)

Exactly what I was after, as advertised, many many mech parts and enough nearly complete models and some fully complete with minimal defects to be well worth the price.

Very good, always interesting to see what bits and pieces you will get!

Es war eine Kiste voller B-Ware und Fehldrucken. Drei Mechs im alten BT Maßstab waren mehr dabei. Im Bezug auf die Details der Oberflächen waren sie recht dürftig, darum wahrscheinlich Verkauf als Fehldrucke. Bei den weiteren Teilen handelte es sich um Arme und Beine, Panzer usw.

Got a fine selection of only slightly melty boys, a Map scale Broadsword, a Pillager, a Malak, various arms and legs begging to be kitbashed, and this adorable gremlin who I can't pin a name to

Quality of product is good. However, for the price I paid, I was hoping for more variety.

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